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Elle veut le chaos

All That She Wants


Denis Côté


On a stretch of secondary road, in a thoroughly isolated village, an ex-Mafiosi and his rebellious stepdaughter, Coralie, try to find solutions to their dead-end lives, especially to their chronic financial problems. Desperate, deeply affected by the recent death of the woman who was wife/mother to them, surrounded by menacing thugs, the pair look for a way out: peace of mind for him, freedom and a new life for her…


Eve Duranceau, Nicolas Canuel, Laurent Lucas, Réjean Lefrançois, Olivier Aubin


Writer: Denis Côté; Cinematographer: Josée Deshaies; Editor: Sophie Leblond


Locarno Film Festival, Film Fest Gent, Jeonju International Film Festival, Filmfest Hamburg, Edinburgh International Film Festival

Director's Filmography

- Wilcox, 2019

- Ghost Town Anthology, 2019

- A Skin So Soft, 2017

- BorisWithout Béatrice, 2016

- Here in Lisbon, segment: Excursões, 2015

- May We Sleep Soundly, short, 2015

- Joy of Man's Desiring, 2014

- Vic + Flo Saw a Bear, 2013

- Bestiary, 2012

- Sans Titre, short, 2011

- Curling, 2010

- Les lignes ennemies, short, 2010

- Carcasses, 2009

- All That She Wants, 2008

- Our Private Lives, 2007

- Drifting States, 2005

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