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Cash Nexus


François Delisle


Jimmy is trapped in a spiral of street drug addiction and withdrawal. He’s a wounded creature, chasing after his delusions with a vengeance.


One day, Jimmy is forced to get back in contact with his family. The pariah’s return to the pack reawakens old demons in his elder brother Nathan.


The two brothers’ fates begin to intertwine, steered by lack of affection, brotherly rivalry and wasted lives. The emotional powder keg explodes in a brutal confrontation that projects them through the looking glass. A journey that will leave no one unscathed.


Alexandre Castonguay, François Papineau, Evelyne Brochu, Guy Thauvette, Christiane Pasquier, Lara Kramer, Hugolin Chevrette-Landesque


Writer: François Delisle; Cinematographer: François Delisle; Editor: François Delisle


Director's Filmography

CHSLD, short, 2020

Cash Nexus, 2019

Chorus, 2015

The Meteor, 2013

Twice a Woman, 2010

Toi, 2007

Le bonheur c'est une chanson triste, 2004

Ruth, 1994

- Beebe-Plain, short, 1991

Du couteau au fusil, short, 1990

La mer on s'en fout, short, 1989

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