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Mesouvag kharig

Freak Out


Boaz Armoni


Matan, a soldier in the IDF, sets off for a week of patrolling in a remote base in the north of the country with his unit. Overwhelmed with homesickness, he becomes an easy target for the other soldiers who make it their business to make his life hell. However, it is not long before strange and frightening things begin to happen to all the soldiers, and they start question whether they will come out of this experience alive.


Itay Zvolon, Kye Korabelnikov, Assaf Ben-Shimon, Eran Peretz, Ofer Ruthenberg, Roni Dotan


Writer: Lior Lederman; Cinematographer: Moshe Mishali; Composer: Asher Goldschmidt; Editor: Amit Ginton


Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia

Director's Filmography

The Electrifiers (HaMechashmelim), 2019

- Freak Out (Mesouvag kharig), 2015

Love Letters from the War (Michtave Ahava BaMilchama), 2014

Acre Prison Break (HaPritza MeKele Akko), short, 2011

Desert Trains (Rakavot BaMidbar), short, 2008

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