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Phenomena 2021 Creature Feature




Six hand-picked shorts about creatures from the latest edition of the Brazilian festival.

Smile for Me by Emily Bennett (USA, 2020, 6’42)

Stumbling home from a house party at dawn, Max suffers horrific consequences after catcalling a mysterious girl on the street. Based on the tragic murder of Mary Cecilia Rogers (NYC, 1841).

With Chris Werkmeister, Anna Lentz


BOS by Steffen Geypens (Belgium, 2019, 9’45)

The forest is suspiciously quiet. The wind rustles softly through the leaves, the sun reflects on the moist soil, no animals can be seen. The only thing that disturbs this peace is the panting of two jogging teenagers. When they reach an open space, the tension suddenly arises.

With Mona Lahousse, Brecht Dael


Nightingale by Jasper de Bruin (Netherlands, 2019, 9’45)

The heavily overworked nurse Julia is stalked during her night shift at the nursing home. The tension rises so high that Julia is pushed to the limit.

With Nina Fokker, William Dashwood, Johan Vanderpol, Ingeborg Uyt den Boogaard


Cry Wolf by W. V. Saumur (Canada, 2019, 21’22)

Emma, fashion model at the height of her glory, is intimately convinced that she is being observed from behind the snowy trees. The photoshoot might run longer. Henry, prestige photographer, is growing impatient...

With Véronique Perron, Thomas Vallières, Rose Adam


Attachment by Kasia Babicz (Poland, 2019, 16’28)

A man leaves his wife for a beautiful, young woman. After moving in with her, it soon appears that she is not the person he expected. Suddenly, his life breaks into a nightmare.

With Remigiusz Jankowski, Aleksandra Nowicka, Daria Jakubik


Moires by J. P. Bouix (France, 2019, 19’28)

Tormented by the failure of her last book, a young writer decides to distance herself from her publisher in spite of her lover's warnings. Soon after, a strange being intrudes on the couple and ultimately reveals a sinister truth.

With Julien Chaudet, Mélina Ferné




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