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Q-4: Dream Corporation


Tim McKort


Thirty years into the future, society is run by corporations. One such, corporation, Q4, has developed the technology to create dreams. As a result, they have created a powerful place within the state. A small terrorist group, called Tech-No attempts to disrupt the dream channel.  A no name cop with the Neuro Investigation Unit is put on the case. As he digs deeper he is forced to make a decision: is he fighting for the right team?


Michael Madsen, Kelly Taylor, Eric Roberts, Jon Van Ness, Shawn Patrick Greene, Barry Kivel, Brenda Rickert, Dominic Mendez


Writer: Tim McKort; Composers: Gregory Mulyk, Max Pedley, Stereo Villain


Director's Filmography

Spearphishing, 2021

Wild Bunch on Ice, 2020

A very merry sure shot dombrowski christmas, 2020

Sure Shot Dombrowski: The Early Years 2, 2019

Q-4: Dream Corporation, 2018

Sure Shot Dombrowski 3 Moving on Up: The GM's Office, 2011

Sure Shot Dombrowski 2: The Coaching Years, 2010

Sure Shot Dombrowski, 2007

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