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Joel Potrykus


The year is 1999. With the impending turn of the century apocalypse fast approaching, Abbie is once again challenged by his older brother to a series of endurance and gag reflex tests. For the latest challenge he can’t leave the couch until he beats the infamous level 256 on Pac-Man. He’ll win $100,000 and be set for life if he does it before the new millennium. A survival story set in a living room, but at what cost?


Joshua Burge, David Dastmalchian, Andre Hyland, Mahfuz Rahman, Madigan Bachman, Adina Howard, Amari Cheatom


Writer: Joel Potrykus; Composers: Neon Indian (original music), Alan Palomo; Cinematographer: Adam J. Minnick; Editor: Joel Potrykus


SXSW Film Festival, Fantasia International Film Festival, CPH: PIX, Torino Film Festival

Director's Filmography

- Joel Calls Indie Film Type Dudes, short, 2020

- McD Test Market 447b, short, 2019

- Relaxer, 2018

- The Alchemist Cookbook, 2016

- Buzzard, 2014

- Ape, 2012

- Coyote, short, 2010

- Gordon, short, 2007

- Mice & Milk, short, 2001

- The Ludivico Treatment, short, 1999

- Birthday Boy, short, 1999

- Peter Knows Kelly's the Cool One, short, 1999

- Farther than Sheep, short, 1997

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