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Fantasia Shorts Programme 2019




A collection of 12 shorts from Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival 2019:


Sami by Jérôme Leger

A young conscript soldier finds himself at the frontline of a nameless war. Alone in his trench, boredom becomes his biggest enemy. 

There in the bottom of his hole that he will find an unexpected comfort.

Starring: Émile Schneider, Sarah Mottet


Ordinosaure by Vincent Gosselin

A T-Rex arrives at the office for his first day of work.


The Lake by the Woods (Le bois, le lac) by Ariel Poupart

The summer has just begun. On a campsite near a lake, Jeanne and her partner J-P meet up with Etienne and Coco, another couple. Although each of them seems to enjoy their time, things quickly go sour. Something has been going on for a while.

Starring: Xavier Dufour-Thériault, Kathleen Laurin-McCarthy, Dominick Rustam-Chartrand, Lou Vincent-Desrosiers


Supernova by Jeremie Brochu-Dufour

At 8 years old jacob is diagnosed with a rare type of narcolepsy. He quickly discover that his condition opens a door to unimaginable universe.

Starring: Raphael Bergeron Lapointe, Gabriel Morin, Sonia Vignault, Patrice Bissonnette, Luc Martial Dagenais, Camille Michaud


Destination by Maxime Lehmann

Amidst a quest to reach an unlikely destination, a man charts his journey through a strange and wild continent with a bizarre map.

Starring: Marc-André Casavant


Skaði by FD Prud'homme

As she lumbers through Borealis, a mythical and barren land where solitude and beauty are intrinsically connected, is Skaði the goddess of an uninhabited universe or a lost soul wandering off a system in perpetual evolution?

Starring: Justine Prévost


Run by Nick Rodgers

A rainy night. A man, a body. And then, voices.

Starring: Nick Rodgers


Stream (Le Jet) by Eve Dufaud

"When they piss standing, all men are works of art." Adaptation from the short novel « Le jet » written by Fanie Demeule

Starring: Marjorie Armstrong, André-Luc Tessier


Arcade by William Saumur

Isaac knows it too well. It is tonight he will discover what takes place in the arcade. The night is young. Arthur is the first to exit the car and to head towards the entrance. The others follow. Isaac knows it oh too well: tonight he is playing a life-changing game.

Starring: Laurent-Christophe de Ruelle, Jean-François Hamel, Félix Pépin, Jules Roy Sicotte, Kevin Tremblay, Pénélope Vigneault


Kakatshat by Eve Ringuette

In 1829, while portaging, a young man abandons his kukum (grandmother). Years later, him and his son are camping by the haunted spot where she was abandoned.

Starring: Samuel Ringuette, Philippe St-Arnault, Thérèse Vollant


Thunderbird by Erin Collins

A short documentary exploring the story of Steven Collins, an international Olympic ski jumper. Using archive footage and photos, Thunderbird gives a genuine look at Steven’s story.


Dinner for Three by Brandon Calder

In a rut and desperate for the passion they once had, Emma does her best to coach Kevin through an incredibly awkward dinner party with three friends they've lost touch with.

Starring: Raymond Ablack, Raphael Grosz-Harvey, Daniel Harroch, Jordan Hayes, Michael Musi


Émile Schneider, Michael Musi, Raymond Ablack, Raphael Grosz-Harvey, Marjorie Armstrong, Daniel Harroch, Samuel Ringuette.


Writers: W.V.Saumur; Brandon Calder, Eve Dufaud, Vincent Gosselin, Raphaël Côté, Jerome Leger, Nick Rodgers, Erin Collins, Eve Ringuette, Ariel Poupart, Maxime Lehmann, FD Prud'homme, Vincent Gosselin


Fantasia International Film Festival

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