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Phenomena Shorts Programme 2018




Phenomena Festival is an international genre film festival in Brazil with the mission to showcase the best films with a DNA that is a little too strange and provocative for the mainstream audience. A selection of 9 short-films from Belgium, Brazil, France, Poland and USA screened in their first edition in 2018 and especially created by Spamflix:


A Blank Control, by Maëva Jacques (Belgium, 2017, 7’) - A trip into a world controlled by bird-headed men completely devoid of emotions.


Delectable you, by Axel Courtière (France, 2017, 15') - Oscar Mongoût, a gourmet cannibal, burns with love for his neighbour, Miss Carrot. Things take a drastic turn the evening she invites him to dinner.


Atomic Spot, by Stéphanie Cabdevila (France, 2017, 15’) - Left for dead on their nuclear plant, the workers of a small coastal city have undergone mutations, but failed to reproduce their species. The last survivor, Cotis, is suffering from loneliness… Until a group of dumb surfers lands on the beach.


Deer Boy, by Katarzyna Gondek (Belgium, Croatia, Poland, 2017, 15’) - A hunter's son falls asleep counting the jumping deer. One of them got shot, one bleeds a little, another one limps away from the meadow. And the antlers grow and grow on the boy's head, puncturing the pillow, as they do every night.


11010, by ONZE – Gabriela Monnerat & Rodrigo Amim (Brazil, 2018, 8’) - Ada and Evon live in a town being abandoned. Where love’s between physical world and binary codes.


A Loft in Paradise, by Alexandre Lança (France, 2018, 17’)  - Vincent and Emma die in a car accident. Arriving in Heaven, they discover a large and modern loft. But Charlotte, Emma’s sister and Vincent’s lover, eagerly wants to contact them in the afterlife...


Caducea, by Christophe Mavroudis (Belgium, 2017, 25’) - Tom hides not only a deformed face behind his flamboyant Commedia Dell’arte masks, but also a dark secret that won’t be solved until decades later. An atmospheric and Gothic fairytale.


My Monster, by Izzy Lee (USA, 2018, 8’) - Lily (Brea Grant) must contend with an inter-dimensional holiday guest who just wants two things — blood and cuddles.


Garden of the Sleepwalkers, by Matheus Marchetti (Brazil, 2017, 21’) - The sexually repressed guests at an old mountainside hotel fall  under a spell after dark. In the dead of night, voices lure them into the woods, to a ball of shadows where they can live out their innermost  secret desires.


Catherine Deneuve, Ophélia Kolb, Lou de Laâge, Sylvain Dieuaide; Hugo Dillon, Coline Béal; Janusz Chabior, Katarzyna Sobiszewska, Eryk Maj; Vincent Menjou-Cortès, Manon Kneusé, Clara Bonnet; Brea Grant, Adam Egypt Mortimer


Writers: Magali Pouzol; Charlotte Sanson | Cinematographer: Maciej Twardowski; Shaheen Seth | Original Music: Vitor Mascarenhas


Phenomena Festival

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