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Ashkan, the Charmed Ring and other stories


Shahram Mokri


Two blind men decide to rob a jewelry shop. A policeman is in love with the minimarket cashier and his subordinate colleague loves a movie star. Two killers change and become nice guys. A young man, who wants commit suicide, causes some problems and a disappointed sculptor wishes to immigrate. However, everyone’s destiny is changed when a strange fish is freed and a charmed ring changes owner!


Saieed Ebrahimifar, Sina Razani, Reza Behboudi, Siamak Safari, Ali Sarabi, Pegah Tabasinejad


Writer: Shahram Mokri; Photography: Payam Azizi; Editor: Arash Rasafi; Music: Abuzar Saffarian


Fajr International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, São Paulo International Film Festival, Mumbai Film Festival, Tbilisi International Film Festival, CPH: PIX, Mar del Plata International Film Festival

Director's Filmography

Careless Crime, 2020

- Invasion, 2017

- Fish & Cat (ماهی و گربه | Mahi Va Gorbeh), 2013

- The Dragonfly Storm (طوفان سنجاقک | Toofan-e Sanjaghak), short, 2012

- Raw, Cooked and Burnt (خام، پخته، سوخته | Kham, pekhth, swkhth), short, 2010

- Ashkan, the Sacred (Charmed) Ring and Other Stories (اشکان، انگشتر متبرک و چند داستان دیگر | Ashkan, angoshtar-e motebarek va dastan-haye digar), 2009

- Ando-C (آندوسی | Andosi), short, 2007

- Limit of circle (محدوده دایره | Mahdoodeh-ye Dayereh), short, 2005

- Electric Shock And Fly, short, 2000

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