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Benny Loves Killing


Ben Woodiwiss


Film bleeds into real life in this story of a young woman who is destroying herself. Benny is a film student, and wants to present a horror film as her final dissertation, but the real world is falling apart around her and Benny is increasingly her own worst enemy.


Pauline Cousty, Canelle Hoppe, Kristina Dargelyte, Kelli White, Angela Schultz, Carla Espinoza, Luke Forbes Adam


Writer: Ben Woodiwiss; Composer: Jon H. Orten; Cinematographer: Markus A Ljungberg; Editor: Anita Faria


Director's Filmography

- Look at me now, short, 2015

- Benny Loves Killing, 2013

- Anja & Vivian, short, 2013

- Kvinnefrisen, short, 2011

- Kiss, Fight, Smoke, short, 2010

- My Name is Ida, short, 2010

- You Look and You Think, short, 2010

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