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Misterio (Estudio Q)

Mystery (Studio Q)


Marcela Fernández Violante


A soap opera actor suddenly discovers that he has lost all contact with reality. Horrified, he tries to get out of the soap opera that his life has turned into, but when he manages to escape, he finds himself inside another soap opera as ridiculous and schematic as the previous one. Set in the chaotic world of television, the film is an allegory about the impossibility of human will. Just as actors repeat what they hear from the prompter, man's actions are directed by a higher power. Unable to be a person, the actor resigns himself to being one more character in the crazy plot in which, against his will, he participates.


Juan Ferrara, Helena Rojo, Víctor Junco, Armando Silvestre, Beatriz Sheridan, Jorge Dizan, Ramón Menéndez


Writers: Marcela Fernández Violante, Vicente Leñero; Composer: Leonardo Velázquez; Cinematographer: Daniel López; Editor: Jorge Busto


Director's Filmography

Acosada, 2002

Entangling Shadows, episode: Música, risa y llanto, 1998

Golpe de suerte, 1992

Nocturno amor que te vas, 1987

En el país de los pies ligeros, 1982

Misterio, 1980

Cananea, 1978

The General's Daughter, 1976

Frida Kahlo, short, 1971

- Azul, short, 1966

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