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Milos Mitrovic, Fabian Velasco


A tenuously connected group of nobodies trudge through their dreary Winnipeg existence. A sickly man in an unhappy marriage, a stand-up comedian whose sets are received with indifference, a stoner couple who share only trivial exchanges, and a young loner are each living lives lost in translation, detached from their surroundings and the people around them.


Alex Ateah, Dave Barber, Stephanie Berrington, Adam Brooks, Jennifer Mauws, Milos Mitrovic


Writers: Milos Mitrovic, Fabian Velasco; Cinematographer: Markus Henkel; Editors: Markus Henkel, Fabian Velasco, Milos Mitrovic


Slamdance Film Festival

Director's Filmography

Fabian Velasco's Filmography:

Horse Brothers, short, 2022

Tapeworm, 2019

Imitations, short, 2016

The Champ, short, 2015

Spectre, short, 2015

Under the Neon Lights, short, 2013


Milos Mitrovic's Filmography:

Horse Brothers, short, 2022

Tapeworm, 2019

homer_a, short, 2017

homer_b, short, 2017

Imitations, short, 2016

- Spectre, short, 2015

Plasticmann 2, short, 2012

1 in 365/6, short, 2011

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