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Sinfonia da Necrópole

Necropolis Symphony


Juliana Rojas


Necropolis Symphony

Deodato is an apprentice gravedigger at a cemetery in Sao Paulo. His uncle – the chief gravedigger - tries to sensitize him to the function, but it is useless: the job afflicts Deodato. When the number of vacant tombs starts to run out, Jaqueline - an officer from the city’s Funerary Bureau - arrives at the cemetery. Deodato must help her to locate abandoned graves, but strange events make him think about the implications of tampering with the dead.


Doppelgänger - 25' (2012) - Extra Content

Silvia is a young teacher at an elementary school. One day, her class is interrupted when the students notice her double walking on the other side of the street. Silvia tries to ignore the apparition, but this strange event begins to permeate her daily life and transform her personality. Discovery Award winner at Cannes Critics' Week 2012.


Eduardo Gomes, Luciana Paes, Hugo Villavicenzio, Paulo Jordão, Germano Melo


Writer: Juliana Rojas; Composer: Marco Dutra; Cinematographer: Flora Dias; Editor: Manoela Ziggiatti


Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Göteborg Film Festival, São Paulo International Film Festival, Vilnius International Film Festival, Gramado Film Festival

Extra Contents

1 - Doppelgänger (O Duplo) by Juliana Rojas (2012, 25', short film)

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- Doppelgänger, short, 2012

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