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António Ferreira Shorts Programme


António Ferreira


A Selection of António Ferreira's short films:


Breathing Under Water (2000)

This is the story of Pedro, who by having his head being pushed down so much learned how to breathe under water.


It Wasn't God's Will (2007)

The story of Ramiro, a young boy leaving for war, his return and missing the love of his life, Laurinda.


Posfácio at the Clothing Factory (2012)

Posfácio works at the factory of Madam Cannon and dates her daughter Claudette. Everything would be going great for Posfácio, if it wasn't for terrorist plans from his work buddies Marques and Mendes.


Cleia Almeida, Pedro Correia, Pedro Diogo, Vítor Fernandes, Lee Fuzeta, Custódia Gallego, Catarina Lacerda, Fernando Delfim Duarte, Armando Ladeira, Alexandre Pinto, Joana Costa, Vítor Norte, Hugo Tavares


Writers: António Ferreira, Miguel Triantafillo, Tiago Sousa; Composers: Pedro Renato, Luís Pedro Madeira; Cinematographers: Marcus Lenz, Paulo Ares, Paulo Castilho, António Ferreira; Editors: Dörte Schneider, António Ferreira, Tiago Sousa


Cannes Film Festival - Critics' Week, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, IFFR - International Film Festival Rotterdam, Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival

Extra Contents

1 - Making of It Wasn't God's Will | 2 - Making Of Breathing Under Water

Director's Filmography

- The Dead Queen, 2018

- Posfácio at the Clothing Factory, short, 2012

- Embargo, 2010

- It Wasn't God's Will, short, 2007

- Forget Everything I Told You, 2002

- Breathing Under Water, short, 2000

- W.C., short, 1998

- Get Fatal, short, 1996

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