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Ten Animated Films By Signe Baumane


Signe Baumane


If animation is an expression of one's Soul, then Signe's soul ranges from an entertaining whore (FIVE FUCKING FABLES) to a monk searching for Meaning of Life (THE GOLD OF THE TIGERS). In between those two extremes you'll find enthusiastic dentists, talking animals and flowers, dragons hurt by innocent girls and vacuum cleaners willing to protect housewives. A collection of ten animated films between 1991 and 2005.


Woman - A visual poem about the Creation of a woman and her two ways of encountering a man. In one way she has a potential to bring death to a man. In the other she can give him her love. It all depends on man's actions. A woman by herself is neither good nor evil. Neither is she a passive object of man's desires. It is all about interaction.


The Witch and the Cow - A tiny witch tries to milk an immense cow. Things get out of control.


Tiny Shoes - A modern Freudian fairy tale about a girl, her father, a prince, and a dragon.


Natasha - Josh Rechnitz's Natasha focuses on a 10 min animated short about a neglected housewife who falls in love with a household appliance.


The Threatened One - A man has fallen in love with a woman and he laments that the world that used to matter to him is now gone. There's only one being in this life that now truly matters.


Love Story - An animated drama, short and funny, about the separation of Love and Sex, with a happy ending.


The Gold of the Tigers - A Borges-like tale about tigers that switch the customary places of dreams and reality.


Dentist - An enthusiastic dentist, a reluctant patient, and a strange picture on the wall.


Five Infomercials for Dentists - Five bizarre infomercials introduce dentists to the substantial products of their trade: latex gloves, anesthesia, dental tools, crowns and chocolate.


Five Fucking Fables - In the midst of fucking up there is always a place for Love.


Signe Baumane, Pauls Raudseps, Phil Lee, Kevin Gottlieb, J.L. Borges, Jr., Franco Agostini, Dace Bonate, Gints Ozolins, Ivars Puga


Writer, Animator, Editor: Signe Baumane; Sound: Josh Heineman, Greg Sextro, Igors Jakovjevs, Marika Miyaji; Music: Kamala Sankaram, Serjes Ancupovs, Valdis Muktupāvels, Rytis Kamičaitis, Ludmila Žurkova, David Rovin, Hank Bones, Natalie Standiford, Gregory Wilson; Cinematography: John Donnelly, Josh Rechnitz, Jānis Milbrets, Gary Becker


Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival

Director's Filmography

- My Love Affair with Marriage, 2021

- Mother's Song, short, 2019

- Rocks in My Pockets,  2014

- Cousin Joe Twoshacks: Tarzan, short, 2014

- Birth, 2009, short

- Teat Beat of Sex, short, 2008

- The Very First Desire Now and Forever, short, 2008

- Veterinararsts, short, 2008

- Teat Beat of Sex, short,  2008

- Five Infomercials for Dentists, short, 2005

- Dentist, short, 2005

- Woman, short, 2003

- Five Fucking Fables, short, 2003

- Natasha, short, 2001

- The Threatened One, short, 2000

- Love Story, short, 1999

- Kurpites, short,  1993

- The Witch and the Cow, short, 1991

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