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Joel Potrykus Shorts Programme


Joel Potrykus


A collection of shorts by indie cult filmmaker Joel Potrykus:


Joel Calls Indie Film Type Dudes (2020) - 12'

Joel Calls to fellow filmmakers during the pandemic quarantine.


Coyote (2010) - 24'

A distraught squatter tries to cope with his werewolf nature through drugs and music.


Gordon (2007) - 20'

Gordon suddenly drops dead, only to reanimate and travel around his city, lost and confused.


The Ludivico Treatment (1999) - 2'

A young man displays his strange powers.


The Ludivico Testament (1999) - 4'

Inanimate objects haunt a young man.


McD Test Market 447b (2019) - 2'

Lost marketing footage of a 1980’s McDonald’s taste test.


Birthday Boy (1999) - 8'

The average man gets up, goes to work, eats his meals, reads the newspapers, watches television, goes to the cinema, goes to bed, sleeps, wakes up, starts all over again.


Joshua Burge, Joel Potrykus, Johnny Weekend


Writer: Joel Potrykus; Composers: Zoozersadd; Cinematographers: Joel Potrykus; Editors: Joel Potrykus


Director's Filmography

- Joel Calls Indie Film Type Dudes, short, 2020

McD Test Market 447b, short, 2019

- Relaxer, 2018

- The Alchemist Cookbook, 2016

- Buzzard, 2014

- Ape, 2012

- Coyote, short, 2010

- Gordon, short, 2007

- The Ludivico Treatment, short, 1999

- The Ludivico Testament, short, 1999

- Birthday Boy, short, 1999

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