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Too Much Info Clouding Over My Head


Vasilis Christofilakis


Vasilis is an overanxious young director and great aficionado of cult horror movies who is desperately searching for success. His first film Gay Nazi Cyborg Zombies in Love was a total flop. When Betty, his producer, tells him of a plan to gather money for his next big project, a pretentious period drama with a love triangle, Vasilis is determined to make that happen.

He has to star in a TV ad of a Chinese beer, film a charity gala in the north suburbs and direct a fall from grace TV actress from the 90s in a stage monologue of Three Sisters. Now with his fear of getting cancer growing (a friend told him that his testicles can switch places on his sleep), his mum increasing her efforts on patronizing him, his girlfriend trying to make him grow up and
his attempts to convince the stuck up screenwriter to make changes more suited to his style and the Greek Film Centre Director to give him the money already approved for the film turn to total disaster, Vasilis has to go all in.


Vassilis Christofilakis, Kitty Paitazoglou, Nicol Drizi, Lena Ouzounidou, Zissis Roubos, Constantina Mihail


Writer: Vassilis Christofilakis; Cinematography: Pavlos Mavrikidis; Music: Constantinos Evangelidis; Editor: Giorgos Alefantis


Thessaloniki International Film Festival, BAFICI - Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival

Director's Filmography

- Too Much Info Clouding Over My Head (2017)

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