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Lund Fantastic Shorts Programme 2020




A collection of 7 shorts from Lund Fantastic Film Festival:


Now That You're Mine by Petra Lumioksa (Finland, 2020, 37’02)

Aava takes her new girlfriend out to her family’s old summer house to meet her sister. What was supposed to be a fun weekend clearing out the house, turns into a dark journey of suppressed memories and dangerous relationships, when Aava starts remembering what she has preferred to forget. As the past treads out of the fog, tension and jealousy rise between the three young women, and Aava starts to distrust everyone – even herself.

with Saana Koivisto, Sonja Kuittinen and Misa Lommi


Oxygen by Rocky Grispen, Violette Belzer (Belgium, 2020, 10’32)

An astronaut-doctor crash lands on a mysterious planet. Low on oxygen, she sets out to find more with the help of a robot companion. They quickly find some but unfortunately in order to obtain it she is forced to make a decision between her convictions and her survival. A thought-provoking animation that makes us question what we would be willing to do to survive.


Cone by Sébastien Auger (France, 2019, 20’49)

Michel, a chronically depressive young man, is on his way to his native village. On the road, he makes a fortuitous and life-changing encounter: a signaling stud ! Despite himself, this new traveling companion, is going to push him to confront his fears and traumas.

with Matthias Girbig, Guilaine Londez, Patrick d’Assumcao, Fleur Geffrier


Platform by Mark Pluck (United Kingdom, 2020, 8’09)

On a deserted train platform, an unfaithful husband must face the haunting consequences of surrendering to his carnal desires.

with Finlay Robertson and Isabella Inchbald


The Rave by Johannes Magnus Aule (Estonia, 2019, 16’23)

A trio of young ravers pay a visit to a mysterious night club in the middle of nowhere and find themselves in the midst of entrancing, sounds and colours. Heads are lost, when the friends stumble upon a mysterious powder that summons their inner demons.

with Kristiin Räägel, Mart Müürisepp, Henessi Schmidt and Amanda Hermiine Künnapas.


Broccoli by Eliott Fettweis (France, 2020, 19’41)

A couple eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child are faced with quite a shock when the baby turns out to be a broccoli.

with Benoît Chauvin and Alice Suquet


Mantis by Hugo Fernández (Mexico, 2020, 10’42)

The radio host announces that the last victim of the serial and psychopath killer Mantis has been found in Santa Monica few hours ago. Lucas, working on his airplane model, discards the news as he is focused on completing his project. Suddenly there is a knock on the door…

with Alejandra Guilmant, Emmanuel Lapin, Emily Green and Giulio Franz.






Lund International Fantastic Film Festival

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