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NEW RELEASE - Fantasia Shorts Programme 2019




A collection of 12 shorts screened at Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival 2019.

From Comedies, to Science Fiction, Animation and Horror, these filmmakers bring out the best in them to showcase their canadian roots:


Sami by Jérôme Leger

Ordinosaure by Vincent Gosselin

The Lake by the Woods (Le bois, le lac) by Ariel Poupart

Supernova by Jeremie Brochu-Dufour

Destination by Maxime Lehrman

Skaði by FD Prud'homme

Run by Nick Rodgers

Stream (Le Jet) by Eve Dufaud

Arcade by William Saumur

Kakatshat by Eve Ringuette

Thunderbird by Erin Collins

Dinner for Three by Brandon Calder


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