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NEW RELEASE - Thee Wreckers Tetralogy


Now Showing (almost) Worlwide

4 guys, one band. 4 stories, one film.

By the highly regarded Dutch director, illustrator and musician Rosto (artist name of Robert Stoces), who passed away in March 2019 leaving an unreleased compilation of 4 short-films acclaimed in festivals such as Rotterdam or Clermont-Ferrand. A band on a trip to nowhere, while music keeps the dream alive and revives memories.


+ over 33 minutes of EXTRA CONTENTS

- The documentary Everything's Different, Nothing has Changed (2019)

- Storyboard of Splintertime

- VFX breakdown of Reruns

- The Artwork of Thee Wreckers Tetralogy


Watch the first short for FREE HERE until Monday, 13th July.