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NEW RELEASE - Phenomena Shorts Programme




A selection especially created by Spamflix of 9 short-films screened in the first edition of the Phenomena Festival in 2018. This international genre film festival in Brazil showcases the best films with a DNA that is a little too strange and provocative for the mainstream audience:

A Blank Control, by Maëva Jacques (Belgium, 2017, 7’)

Delectable you, by Axel Courtière (France, 2017, 15') - with Catherine Deneuve

Atomic Spot, by Stéphanie Cabdevila (France, 2017, 15’) 

Deer Boy, by Katarzyna Gondek (Poland, Belgium, Croatia, 2017, 15’) 

11010, by ONZE – Gabriela Monnerat & Rodrigo Amim (Brazil, 2018, 8’) 

A Loft in Paradise, by Alexandre Lança (France, 2018, 17’)

Caducea, by Christophe Mavroudis (Belgium, 2017, 25’)

My Monster, by Izzy Lee (USA, 2018, 8’)

Garden of the Sleepwalkers, by Matheus Marchetti (Brazil, 2017, 21’)


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