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The kind of movie that might one day find itself in the hall of fame of surreal movie weirdness alongside cult favorites like Eraserhead and Delicatessen! – The New York Times


Young apprentice and daydreamer Anton (Denis Lavant) is an eccentric loner who dreams of the open seas and works in a vast bathhouse where local citizens go to escape their dreary lives. Into this world comes the beautiful young Eva (Chulpan Khamatova) who has a similar desire for adventure. Unfortunately Anton's older brother plots to tear down the bathhouse and the surrounding town to make way for his real estate development, and he needs to save both his bathhouse and win Eva's heart.


Screened in the most relevant film festivals throughout the world, Veit Helmer’s first feature is visually wild fairy-tale love story, where no one talks and yet emotions are clearly communicated through movement and expressions.


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