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NEW RELEASE - Lund Fantastic Shorts Programme 2020




A selection of 7 short films from the 2020 edition of Lund International Fantastic Film Festival. From a musical comedy about a traffic cone to a mysterious female serial killer hunting men, to the nonsensical story about a couple who gives birth to a broccoli. Have a taste of this Swedish genre festival right here on Spamflix.

Now That You're Mine by Petra Lumioksa (Finland, 2020, 37’02)

Oxygen by Rocky Grispen, Violette Belzer (Belgium, 2020, 10’32)

Cone by Sébastien Auger (France, 2019, 20’49)

Platform by Mark Pluck (United Kingdom, 2020, 8’09)

The Rave by Johannes Magnus Aule (Estonia, 2019, 16’23)

Broccoli by Eliott Fettweis (France, 2020, 19’41)

Mantis by Hugo Fernández (Mexico, 2020, 10’42)