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CLEANERS (2019) is streaming on Spamflix


The Filipino cult film by Glenn Barit has gained quite the following and you can watch it on Spamflix with some behind-the-scenes extra contents!


Cleaners took movie lovers by storm in 2021, becoming the Highest Rated Directorial Debut, Highest Rated Comedy, 3rd Highest Rated International Feature, 4th Highest Rated — BIPOC Directors and 6th Highest Rated Overall on Letterboxd (social media platform for cinephiles).


But what is Cleaners about?

Set in a catholic school in rural Philippines back in 2008, this absurd anthology follows several students who struggle with different societal pressures of being clean, proper and pure, as they begin to discover that the world is a dirty and superficial place.


With the peculiar presentation of having the entire film's frames (over 30,000!) photocopied, hand coloured, crumpled and scanned, there's also substance over the amazing style, as this coming-of-age story packs timeless social commentary.


Cleaners is available to rent on

Includes two behind-the-scenes videos of how the final look was achieved.