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Twakana Yagán

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Rodrigo Tenuta Ignacio Leonidas


The Yagán Paiakoala community resides in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. They are the descendants of the first people who inhabited the southernmost islands of our planet for more than 8.000 years. Catalina Yagan is 89 years old. She still remembers how her grandfather Asenewensis sang to her. Victor and Roberto Vargas are her sons. They both start a horse ride, from the indigenous reserve that they currently occupy through the coasts of the Onashaga Canal in search of their ancestral reflection.


Twakana means "teaching" in Yagán and as they travel, the two sons have a connection with the ritual songs of Asenewensis. The Yagán language floats in the air and dances with the harsh nature of the region and the sensibility of an ancestral community that is truly alive.


Catalina Yagan, Victor Vargas, Roberto Vargas


Director of Photography: Ignacio Leonidas; Sound: Jose Pera; Production manager: Pablo De Antueno


Director's Filmography

Rodrigo Tenuta

Río Grande, lo que el viento no arranca lo arraiga, 2022

La historia del Fuego/the Fire Stories, TV series, 2022

Abismo, short 2021

Twakana Yagán, short, 2020

- Vika Mora - Buceo Piel, music video, 2018

- El Secreto/the Secret, short, 2017


Ignacio Leonidas

Río Grande, lo que el viento no arranca lo arraiga, 2022

Twakana Yagán, short, 2020



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