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Tsumetai Nettaigyo (冷たい熱帯魚)

Cold Fish


Sion Sono


Shamoto runs a small tropical fish shop. His second wife, Taeko, does not get along with his daughter, Mitsuko, and this worries him. One day Mitsuko is caught shoplifting at a grocery store. There they meet a friendly man named Murata, who helps to settle things between Mitsuko and the store manager. Since Murata also runs a tropical fish shop, Shamoto establishes a bond with him and they become friends; Mitsuko even begins working for Murata and living at his house. What Shamoto doesn’t know, however, is that Murata hides many dark secrets behind his friendly face. He sells cheap fish to his customers for high prices with his artful lies. If anyone detects his fraud or refuses to go along with his moneymaking schemes, they’re murdered and their bodies disposed of by Murata and his wife in grisly ways.

Shamoto is taken in by Murata’s tactics, and by the time he realizes that Murata is insane, and a serial killer who has made over fifty people disappear, he is powerless to do anything about it. But now Mitsuko is a hostage at Murata’s home and Shamoto himself has become the killer’s unwilling accomplice. Cruel murders gradually cripple his mind and finally the ordinary man is driven to the edge of the abyss.


Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Denden, Asuka Kurosawa, Megumi Kagurazaka, Hikari Kajiwara, Tetsu Watanabe


Writers: Sion Sono, Yoshiki Takahashi; Composer: Tomohide Harada; Cinematographer: Shin'ya Kimura; Editor: Jun'ichi Itô


Venice FF (Orizzonti), Deauville Asian FF

Director's Filmography

- Kuso-yarō to Utsukushiki Sekai, 2018

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- Tokyo Tribe, 2014

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- Father's Day, short, 2001

- 0cm4, short, 2001

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- Depression Blot, 1999

- Dankon: The Man, 1998

- Kaze, short, 1998

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- Bad Film, 1995

- Heya: The Room, 1992

- Bicycle Sighs, 1990

- Decisive Match! Boys Dorm vs Girls Dorm, 1988

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- A Man's Flower Road, 1986

- I Am Sion Sono!!, short, 1985

- Love Song, short, 1984

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