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Straight to Hell Returns


Alex Cox


A team of hitmen sleep in on the day of their big job, only to find their target has already fled town. After a bungled bank heist, the team jumps in a car and escape into the desert only to discover a hidden town where there are no rules.

Straight to Hell Returns is a punchy little comedy/western from director Alex Cox who supervised this remaster and director's cut version of the original film, Straight to Hell (1987).


Sy Richardson, Joe Strummer, Dick Rude, Courtney Love, The Pogues, Elvis Costello, Dennis Hopper and Grace Jones


Writers: Tom Richmond, Alex Cox; Cinematography: Tom Richmond; Editor: Tom Richmond


Director's Filmography

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Bill the Galactic Hero, 2014

Scene Missing, documentary, 2012

Straight to Hell Returns, 2010

Repo Chick, 2009

Searchers 2.0, 2007

The Pogues: Poguevision, 2006

I'm a Juvenile Delinquent, Jail Me!, 2004

Revengers Tragedy, 2002

Shiritsu tantei Hama Maiku, TV Series, 2002

A Hard Look, documentary, 2000

Kurosawa: The Last Emperor, documentary, 1999

Three Businessmen, 1998

Rambler '65, short, 1997

The Winner, 1996

Death and the Compass, 1992

Highway Patrolman, 1991

Red Hot and Blue, segment Well, Did You Evah!, 1990

Walker, 1987

Straight to Hell, 1987

Sid and Nancy, 1986

Repo Man, 1984

Sleep Is for Sissies, short, 1980

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